Guided Walking Tours are led on Saturdays at 10:00 and Sundays at 1:00 - reservations needed. Call 215-348-3911.

First Saturday - Civil War tour
Second Saturday - Tree tour
Third Saturday- Women In History
Fourth Saturday - VIP tour
Fourth Sunday - Public Servants

Guided walking tours last approximately 90 minutes - 2 hours.


Women in History

Historic Doylestown Cemetery Summer Walking Tours presents a new tour called Women In History. Meet many brave, brilliant, talented and creative women. Examples include Gladys Nickleby Nelson, a Central Bucks School District nurse who opened the very first polio immunization clinic in the U.S. in 1955; Juliana Reiser Force, secretly carried tens of thousands of dollars provided by Gertrude Whitney, to France for the purchase of field ambulances during WW1. She was a co-founder and the first director of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City; Lucy Emerson Geil, a grand-niece of Ralph Waldo Emerson, was a writer, scientist and amateur photographer who accompanied her husband, adventurer and public lecturer W. Edgar Geil, on his trips abroad to collect photos and information for his books and lectures. These are just a few examples of the women in history tour.

3rd Saturday | 10 AM May 1st through Oct. 31


Tree Tour

Established as a Garden Cemetery Doylestown Cemetery now curates an arboretum of over 400 trees, many native cultivars, and specimens. Take a walk through our arboretum of old-growth specimen trees and ornamental shrubbery, and visit our newly installed moss garden. Tree Tours are offered on second Saturdays, Sundays by appointment and are led by cemetery arborist Chris May. Spring Tree Special. Tapping, cooking, and offerings of finished products; maple syrup, sugar, cotton candy & more. BYOP: (Bring Your Own Pancakes 😉 Since sap flow can be stalled by low temperatures, keep watching our website for the date. Doylestown Cemetery maple products are available year-round at the cemetery office.

2nd Saturday | 10 AM May 1st through Oct. 31


VIP Tour

Doylestown has been the home of many interesting and important personalities. Captains of industry, discoverers, and inventors in science, adventurers, leaders in the world of art, literature, and culture, some of them known around the world. Meet some of the VIP's who reside within the gates of our underground museum, and learn of their fascinating accomplishments.

4th Saturdays | 10 AM May 1st through Oct. 31


Civil War Tour

Meet some of the men from Doylestown who served in the great conflict called the Civil War. Some lost their lives on the battlefield, others came home to live out the rest of their life in their hometown. Over 200 Civil War veterans are buried here including five Generals, members of the US Colored Troops, US Naval Sailors, and the Surgeon General of the Union Army. Civil War experts and re-enactors will take you on an oral journey from Doylestown to the scenes of some of the Wars’ most desperate battles.

1st  Saturdays | 10 AM May 1st through Oct. 31


Public Servants Tour

After becoming the county seat in 1812, Doylestown became home to innumerable local, state and federal political officials, ambassadors, congressmen, judges, jurists, and legislators from all levels of political life and of both major parties.

4th Sunday | 1 PM May 1st through Oct. 31