Cemetery Opens Columbarium

We are pleased to announce the availability of columbarium niches at Doylestown Cemetery. What’s a columbarium? A columbarium is a repository for the respectful viewing and public storage of cinerary (cremation) urns in lieu of the traditional burial of cremated remains into the ground.


The structure is grey Vermont granite and holds (80) 14” x 12” niches which can each hold up to 2 urns. Each niche comes with a molded inscribable bronze face plate for the names and dates of the persons resting there. The single price, $2200, is all-inclusive of interment, inscription and maintenance.

No additional fee is charged. No loose flowers in glass or breakable containers are allowed on top of, or on the surrounding apron of the columbaria in order to protect our clients from falls.

Historic Doylestown Cemetery Columbarium

Call for more information call 215-348-3911.