Historic Doylestown Cemetery is a beautifully maintained garden cemetery and home to over 11,000 interments. Families can find quiet comfort laying their loved ones to rest surrounded by the tranquility of the arboretum. While visiting loved ones they can stroll the secure 33 landscaped acres in calming solitude.


Single Grave (40" x 10')     $1,300.00 Cremation Flat Marker Grave (40" x 40" - 2 Urns)     $550.00
Two Graves (40" x 10' - adjacent)     $2,400.00 Cremation Low Marker Grave (40" x 60" - 4 Urns)     $900.00
Three Graves (40" x 10' - adjacent)     $3,500.00 Columbarium (12" x 12" niche)     $2,200.00
Four Graves (40"x10' - adjacent)     $4,600.00


WEEKDAYS     After 3PM add $50.00 SATURDAYS     No burials after 2 pm
Standard Depth     $1,200.00 Standard Depth     $1,400.00
Double Depth     $1,400.00 Double Depth     $1,600.00
Cremation     $675.00 Cremation     $750.00
Memorial Garden     $300.00 Memorial Garden     $350.00

Standard and Double Depth Opening Fees may include tent and/or wind break per Superintendent discretion.
 Tent Rental for Cremation is $125.00. No Sunday or holiday burials.


Monument Foundations are $1.00/square inch; $150.00 minimum. Note: 40" width per grave space maximum.


  • Doylestown Cemetery has restrictions on the size of a monument erected within the boundaries of a plot or grave. Monument specifications must be approved by the cemetery.
  • Special installations & permanent plantings shall be approved at the discretion of the Superintendent.
  • Please confine illumination to one memorial light per grave. Excess lighting will be removed.
  • Doylestown Cemetery shall not be responsible for the security or maintenance of non-permanent or unapproved markers, statuary, or ornamentation and will remove any ornamentation or decoration.
  • All cut flower decoration shall be removed by staff within a reasonable period of time after a holiday or interment.
  • Doylestown Cemetery reserves the right to trim or remove any trees or shrubbery that obstructs maintenance, is unsightly or dangerous, or encroaches on or interferes with the use of another grave or plot.