Historic Doylestown Cemetery was founded in1849 as a Victorian garden cemetery by a group of compassionate citizens who purchased a 10 acre tract specifically for the purpose of starting a non-profit, non-demominational cemetery where all people are welcome regardless of race, creed, religion, financial status or nationality, and it has become one of the most beautiful, welcoming, and prominent cemetery's in Bucks County.

Families, friends, and community members can find quiet comfort laying thier loved ones to rest among the traquil peace of the beautifully maintained arboraetum of old-growth trees, or experience the calming solitude of strolling the secure 33 landscaped acres maintained by a full-time grounds keeping staff.

We offer traditional full-sized graves for casket burials, two smaller grave sizes for the interment of cremated remains, and combination graves for the interment of full casket burial with the option of adding cremated remains in the same grave.

History is alive! at Doylestown Cemetery! With nearly 11,000 interments within the past 160+ years, this historic cemetery is the final resting place of some of Doylestown's and Bucks County's most interesting and important citizenry. Weekly guided walking tours lead guests on entertaining and informative excursions into the past. See Walking Tours link for details.

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Upcoming Tours & Events

Sat, Oct 11th

10:00 AM Tombstone Tour. See tour descriptions for more inormation.

9:00 PM VIP Tour. Meet some of our outstanding citizens. See tour descriptions for more info.

Sat, Oct 18th

10:00 am. VIP (Very Interesting Persons) Tour. Artists, soldiers, inventors, politicians, explorers, survivors, scientists, ...the list goes on. 

9:00 pm.  Night-time Civil War Tour. Our last nighttime Civil War Tour of the season.

Sat, Oct 25th

10:00 am. Civil War Tour. Meet a few of more than 200 solidiers and officers buried here and hear their stories of courage.

9:00 pm. Night Tour: VIP - The Political Graveyard. For a pre-election nudge that will remind you that it's inportant to vote.


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