Historic Doylestown Cemetery was founded in 1849 as a Victorian garden cemetery by a group of compassionate citizens who purchased a 10 acre tract specifically for the purpose of starting a non-profit, non-demominational cemetery where all people are warmly recieved. It has become one of the most beautiful and welcoming cemeteries in Bucks County. Families can find quiet comfort laying their loved ones to rest surrounded by the tranquility of a beautifully maintained arboraetum, or stroll the secure 33 landscaped acres in calming solitude.

We offer several choices and locations for both traditional burials and cremation lots. Our newly installed Memorial Garden for the 'green' interment of cremated remains, is now open. These beautifully landscaped gardens provide an unmarked  site for those wishing to return to the natural earth leaving no carbon footpront behind. Lovely antiqued benches and contemplative sculpture provide a peaceful location for prayer and meditation. Rest in nature's arms.

History is alive! at Doylestown Cemetery! With nearly 11,000 interments within the past 160+ years, this historic cemetery is the final resting place of some of Doylestown's and Bucks County's most interesting and important citizens. Weekly guided walking tours lead guests on entertaining and informative excursions into the past. See Walking Tours link for details.

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Stories From Beneath the Stones: A Walking Tour Of Historic Doylestown Cemetery

Cemetery Stories

By Kathleen Landis
and Tammy Schane

Oct 28, 10:00 Tree Tour, Oct 29, 1:00 VIP Tour, Oct 31, Halloween Tour 6:00,6:30, 7:00pm

Last tours of the season unless otherwise announced on our Facebook page. We will be back in mid-May for Spring tours. Happy Winter.

Walking Tours - Tree Tour

Cemetery Walking Tours are offered every Saturday at 10:00 am and every Sunday at 1:00 pm beginning May 6 through Halloween, October 31.

First Saturday: 10:00 am:The Civil War introduces you to some of the over 200 Civil War soldiers buried here, including members of the US Colored Troops. Led by Civil War reenactors and educators of 19th century American history who discuss some of the most desperate and important battles of that war.

First Sunday:1:00 pm: Politicians and Policy Makers: Doylestown became the county seat of Bucks County in 1813 which moved the Courts and associated legal experts to the heart of Bucks County. Policy makers whose actions changed the face of the legal system not only in Bucks County but Pennsylvania and the entire country.

Third Saturday: 10:00 am: 19th century Tombstone Interpretation or Tombstone Tour, explores the meaning behind the intricate monument ornamentation of the post-war, pre-industrial, Victorian era. Led by local historian Tammy Schane.

Third Sunday: 1:00 pm: Tombstone Tour II

Second and Fourth Saturday and Sunday: VIP tours vary in theme and content.

Fifth Saturday: Tree Tour. 10:00 am: Tree Tour. Join our arborist Chris May of MHS on a tour of our arboreatum of over 900 trees. See the trees in their seasonal splendor. Maple products produced from our maple trees available for purchase.  

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Memorial Garden

Memorial Rock Garden
Our newly installed 'green' cremation gardens for the interment of uncased ashes. No urns or monuments allows ashes to go back naturally into the earth. The natural stone sculptures are engraved and installed by Lambertville artist Janice Blayne Paul.